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Flat Roof Moisture Meters

From the time a flat roof has been installed it should be maintained and inspected on a regular basis with problems and defects attended to and corrected as soon as they are located. Tramex moisture inspection tools for roofing provide the fastest, simplest, most economical & safest methods of locating moisture damage in flat roofs.

Designed to quickly & non-destructively scan an entire roof area to ASTM D7954, the Dec Scanner & RWS moisture meters are ideal for tracing the source of a leak, mapping out the damaged insulation & roofing materials as well as perfoming an integrity test on a newly installed roofing system.

No need for special operating licences or to clear the building of occupants and best of all, testing can be performed at any time of the day.

Tramex Roofing Articles

Tramex Talks - John Hull - Dec Scanner and Commercial Roof Moisture Surveys

John Hull, the President of Gulf Infrared, LLC, talks about the Tramex Dec Scanner and the necessity of commercial roof moisture surveys. Currently, only approximately 32% of commercial roofs were torn off and replaced actually needed to be. So, two-thirds of the commercial roofs that were torn and thrown in landfills could have been candidates for repair, if proper moisture testing was implemented. This has huge environmental implications from unnecessary roof replacements, and some states have begun to look at and implement mandatory roof moisture testing.

Tramex Dec Scanner - Moisture Detection for Flat Roofing Systems - Introduction

The Tramex Dec Scanner is the Original Non-Destructive Moisture Scanner for Flat and Built-up Roofing systems. Portable and easily transportable in a rugged flight case, the Dec Scanner provides instant and continuous readings with adjustable sensitivity for a variety of flat roof makeups, allowing you to locate and map moisture issues as you go. Complying with ASTM D7954 regulations and usable during normal daylight hours, without any regulatory restrictions or operating license requirements, the Dec Scanner can effectively scan up to 100,000 square feet in a normal working day. The Dec Scanner is endorsed by roofing professionals worldwide, saving millions in insurance claims annually. The Dec Scanner also comes as part of the Roofing Master Kit, providing all the tools necessary to perform a complete Roofing Survey.

How to perform a non-destructive flat roof moisture survey to ASTM D7954
How to perform a non-destructive flat roof moisture survey to ASTM D7954

Obtaining as much information about the roof as possible in advance is invaluable. A set of roof drawings or plans make moisture mapping much easier and a knowledge of the construction will make the job of calibration much faster.